Captain Ahab and Geeg Wiles are the perfect team to show you that:

If a 3 foot tall, 40 pound, bright yellow, wooden fisherman/wannabe pirate captain can accomplish his goals, so can YOU.


Ahab’s Adventures provides speaking engagements ranging from 6-90 minutes, which include a presentation of the main topics listed below followed by an optional activity around individual and group goal setting via the creation of bucket lists. Universities, high schools, and businesses have found many new ideas for team building and future activity planning that stem from the results.

A few of our main topics include:

  • The Origins of Ahab’s Adventures: How a 75-year-old “Big Fish” story about a boy, his grandfather, and a lawn gnome evolved into a motivational movement.
    • July 18th, 1943 – Captain Ahab is ‘recruited’ by my grandfather and his comrades as part of a common WWII naval prank.
    • 1944 – Captain Ahab’s tour with the Navy ends, but he stays with my grandfather and his comrades afterward.
    • 1945 – The men (and Captain Ahab) buy a farmhouse in the Catskills of New York and host an annual reunion for the next 57 years.
    • July 18th, 1993 – At this year’s reunion, I stumble upon a secret late night card game, which annually decided Captain Ahab’s next adventure destination.
    • July 19th, 2002 – Captain Ahab is passed on to me and attends university, where he becomes the unofficial mascot of the Class of 2005.
    • 2005 – University ends and over a decade of traveling ensues. Captain Ahab evolves from a social mascot to a motivational icon for all.
    • Present – Seventy-five years later, we continue to travel, motivate, and present the lessons learned from the generations my family has shared with this lawn gnome.
  • The Art of an Ice-breaker: A lawn gnome is an obvious one, but a joke, talent, or signature apparel can set you apart, leading you to new connections and expanding your network.
  • Future Friends: Every friend, imaginary or not, was once a stranger. Remembering that, and experiencing firsthand how Captain Ahab opens doors, should make new beginnings that much easier.
  • Play to Your Passions: My grandfather, Captain Ahab, and I have all aspired to be modern-day pirates, even though the Golden Age of Piracy ended more than 350 years ago. Through our story, I demonstrate how identifying your strengths can lead to finding the best outlets for them, even if that means circumventing the traditional route.
  • Finding Your Excuses: Most people make excuses that hinder their goals. It is time to start making excuses to achieve them.
  • ASK: The most important three-letter word in our language. When you start asking questions, instead of wondering ‘what if,’ things get done!

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– Ahab’s Adventures