Michael Jarzabek is an operative and speculative builder and a life long lover of wisdom. He is a member of several Massachusetts Masonic lodges. He is a Past Master of Brigham Lodge in Ludlow. He is also a member of Ezekiel Bates Lodge in Attleboro, The Meadows Lodge in East Longmeadow and is the Senior Warden of the Massachusetts Lodge of Research. He is a Past Junior Grand Warden of The Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts and is currently serving as Chairman of the Lodges of Instruction for the same Grand Lodge.

He has been published by several Masonic publications, including; The Fraternal Review, Living Stones Magazine, The Midnight Freemasons, and the Trowel Magazine. He has also Guest Edited several issues of the Fraternal Review. He has spoken at Lodges around the world about a variety of topics. He is a co-host on the Being Human Kind YouTube channel. He is the Managing Editor of the “For the Curious Mind” website.

Most importantly, he lives with his lovely wife, Beth, and his beautiful daughter, Amelia, in Ludlow, Massachusetts. 

Current Presentations

The Mason With a Thousand Faces

Be the Rebellion: Star Wars and the Masonic Hero’s Journey

My Calendar Doesn’t Have any Sevens

Leonardo, Vitruvius, and the Universal Man

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